12.5% Scheme Introduction

The Govt. vide its order dated 6.3.1990 announced the 12.5% Scheme and extended it to all PAPs. In this scheme, the PAP is given back developed land which is 12.5% of the land acquired from him. Out of the 12.5% entitlement, 30% is reserved for social facilities and public utilities. Thus net allotment would be 8.75% of the land acquired from him. The plot allotted to the individual has 1.5 FSI and 15% commercial component permissible on the plot. The PAPs who benefited under the GES Scheme could apply for this scheme as well. The PAP can develop the plot himself or enter into an agreement with the developer for development. The 12.5% Scheme became fully functional in 1994.

CIDCO has earmarked approximately 1064 ha. net land for the 12.5% scheme and has so far disbursed more than 750 ha. land. The disbursal of land was slow till 2005.
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