Accessibility Statement

Accessibility Options

Skip to Main Content: Quick access to the main content on the page without going through navigation using the keyboard.
Skip to Navigation: Quick access to the sites navigation that enables accessing the different sections such as Services, Business and Data Lookup.
Accessibility Options: Options to change the size of the text and set a colour scheme are provided. For example, if you are using desktop to access this portal, the text might appear smaller on the screen that makes it difficult to read. In such a situation, you can use this option to increase the size of the text for clear visibility and better readability.
Titles: An appropriate name for each Web page is specified that helps you to understand the page content easily.
Alternate Text: Brief description of an image is provided for users with visual disability. If you are using a browser that supports only text or have turned off the image display, you can still know what the image is all about by reading the alternate text in absence of an image.
Explicit Form Label Association: A label is linked to its respective control, such as text box, check box, radio button, and drop-down list. This enables the assistive devices to identify the labels for the controls on a form.
Consistent Navigation Mechanism: Consistent style of presentation throughout the portal is incorporated.
Keyboard Support: The portal can be browsed using a keyboard by pressing the Tab and Shift + Tab keys. You can jump directly to the navigation menu by pressing "Control + Space".
Customized Text Size: The size of the text on the Web page can be changed either through the browser or through the accessibility options feature.

Accessibility Options

Are you finding it difficult to read the contents on the screen?
Is the Displayed information not clearly visible to you?
If yes, use the accessibility options provided by this portal to control the screen display.
These options allow changing the text size and colour scheme for clear visibility and better readability.

Changing the Text Size

Changing the "Text size" on the screen refers to "Increasing" or "Decreasing" it from the Standard size.There are three options provided to you to set the size of the text that affects the readability. They are:

( A- ) Decrease :Decreases the Text size.

( A ) Standard : Reverts back to the Standard Text size.

( A+ ) Increase :Increases the Text size.